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We want to be your partner on managing all your accounts, find the right financial tools, and make smart decisions about your money.

Money Brighter is about financial-based topics and a digital portal that caters to those people with less to zero-knowledge on how to manage their finances online. We exist to help users navigate through the ups and downs of the internet so that more and more people will be made aware of the benefits and even risks of doing online business and transaction.

We use up-to-date and timely facts that will keep you informed. As we all know, the right information can be the right tool to achieve a goal. So we will always work hard to produce the most relevant content with adherence to excellence.

Money Brighter aims to be the first destination when it comes to financing, business, and entrepreneurship. Therefore, expect to find all the current helpful tips within the website in order to help grow everybody’s business especially for those young and aspiring professionals. Those that are driven by a passion to create a life-changing career, this platform is dedicated to all of you.

We know the dangers of the internet. But we also know how to take advantage of it. And that’s our goal—to provide you the upper hand when it comes to your financial decisions online and even offline.

Meet The Team

The Management

Alex Ocean (B.Sc and Ph.D)
Founder of MoneyBrighter

Alex Ocean is a financial adviser and expert on e-commerce and trading stocks. He teaches online financial courses for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Alex also hosts workshops for aspiring young professionals that aim to be successful at an early age.


Georgina King (B.SA)
Content Manager

Georgina is a Certified Public Accountant, now pursuing her Master’s degree. She is also a writer and publisher of her own books in Financial Management and Accounting. She works as an online writer to continue living her dream of becoming famous in the publishing industry.


Charlote Butler (B.SC & BS.IT)
Editor-in-Chief & Web Developer

Charlotte is the overseer of all the publishing department. She has knowledge in web designs, and acquired a degree in Communication. She manage the whole team responsible in creating helpful contents for the readers.


Advertising Policy

Money Brighter is committed to helping people in terms of financial management. We want to make available resources to people online from all over the world.

We allow advertising on our website. However, we are not affiliated with any of the tools, platforms, and companies mentioned. All available data are for educational purposes only.

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We typically reply within 24 hours upon receiving your messages. So please be patient as we are doing our best to address all the issues our readers may have.

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