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Aka.ms/accountsettings allows users to change the Microsoft Account Settings. One of the most popular games on Microsoft is Minecraft. A lot of children play this game on their Xbox Live, Nintendo, or Nintendo Switch. It is important to change the settings so that children don’t get access to any adult content while playing their favorite Minecraft game. 


Whether it is gaming, managing your files and other important connected devices, and so on. Microsoft has paved the way for high functioning internet usage through which you, me, and everybody else can perform simple tasks with much more ease and accessibility.

You will find more details about configuring your Microsoft account settings across your preferred devices, as well as making changes to your account. Additionally, privacy has always been a major issue, so that you can read more about Microsoft’s several privacy options.

All these online safety settings and security measures are taken so that your account is only accessible to you and never compromised elsewhere. 

How to Use aka.ms/accountsettings for Xbox?


Xbox 360 and Xbox Live have updated a lot of their privacy and security measures to ensure that the children are not exposed to above maturity level content. These age-appropriate settings and preferences have to be manually changed by following a couple of specific steps. This way, you and your family can use the Microsoft account linked to your Microsoft account without having to worry too much!

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All of this can be undone, and you can always play with the original settings in place. Otherwise, this is quite a great and optimum privacy feature that Xbox provides. The linking of a single Microsoft account for signing in also makes everything much more seamless and straightforward. Read on to learn about the privacy controls and have a wonderful experience. 

  1. Through your Xbox settings panel, you can also access the much-needed settings and privacy controls of Minecraft. 
  2. You can do this by checking out the online settings panel on the official Xbox website. Then click on the privacy and safety options.  
  3. You can find the option for changing all the privacy settings accordingly. You may choose to change the privacy and safety settings for your child. 
  4. Then, you would have to sign in to your official Microsoft account. Put in all the correct credentials, and hits continue. You can click on this link to get started right away. 
  5. You will be redirected to a new screen where you have to select the account you want to access for changing the settings. 
  6. Once you have selected, tick the option of Xbox Online Safety. 
  7. Make sure that you do a double-check and a thorough review of all changes that you have made. 
  8. Find the Submit button and click on it to save all your changes. 
  9. You can also find the option for disabling any excess browsing of the internet for the child’s account. 
  10. And, you are done!  

About aka.ms/accountsettings and Privacy 

The easiest way to get around any new application or device you get is by signing in with your Microsoft account. This enables automatic syncing of all your previously made settings, and the machine instantly gets all necessary information about you without you having to fill up too many information boxes. 


It is quite simple to navigate, and especially when it comes to changing specific details about the settings or any other privacy-related issue, your single Microsoft account will be able to sync everything smoothly. 

  1. In situations where you would like to update your new account picture and other personal details uniformly across all your device, a single connected Microsoft account help you out massively.
  2. This includes more scope of instant access to personalization and rapid changes. Therefore, all of your installed applications can be completely safe and follow the security measures included in your Microsoft account. 
  3. You can access this control by going to your device’s Settings, then click on the Accounts button and make the necessary changes.
  4. This way, all your personal details, as well as applications and software across all devices, will be fully interconnected with each other. 

Microsoft has always taken an extra measure to protect the data with all kinds of sensitive information absolutely secure from unknown hosts. This is done through an extensive amount of effort, including dividing up your data into small random bits and pieces of information and keeping them safely locked away. This way, the only host that can access your data is you. Only through your identification and login credentials, all your personal information will be unlocked. 

aka.ms/accountsettings Online Safety 

Your Microsoft account’s online safety is ensured from the time you create a new account landfill in your details. When it comes to a child’s account, their Microsoft is protected from above maturity software and applications, including specific gaming controls in Xbox games such as Minecraft. Microsoft account settings have made it impossible for a child account holder to reverse their account settings through double measures and more. 


These types of child accounts are determined from the birth information put during the creation of the account. So, there are no chances of reversing the account settings to gain access to any content that is not suited for children. The online safety protocols of Microsoft strictly follow the basic guidelines of the COPPA and GDPR laws.  

aka.ms/accountsettings Not Working  


Oftentimes, due to your Microsoft account’s privacy and security settings, specific networks, webpages, and games get blocked. Sometimes you can always experience inevitable delays or lags while playing your favorite games on the Xbox connected through your Microsoft account. This happens due to a host of reasons, but all of them can be easily solved. 

The most common users of Microsoft connected Xbox face are certain “Realms” of Minecraft being inaccessible. For starters, the error can be caused due to faulty network lines, slow devices, or locked accessibility settings. But if you want more detailed solutions, read on to learn more: 

  1. Your first step should be to double-check and see that the version of Minecraft that you are using is the non-beta version. 
  2. Most of the Minecraft Realms are only accessible on the non-beta version of Minecraft. 
  3. You can leave the existing game and restart it with the upgraded model. 
  4. You can try checking that your router is getting a stable internet connection for solutions to poor network coverage. 
  5. You can configure your router manually and set it up with NAT. 
  6. Sometimes the existing firewall or antivirus software of the device kicks in and makes it difficult for you to open the game.
  7. So, make sure none of such external parties is interrupting your game. Otherwise, you have to turn them off in the settings of your device. 
  8. If possible, try opting for a connection with an Ethernet cable instead of the basic Wi-Fi. This tip can moderately increase your game and connection speed. 
  9. Another trick can be to restart your Realm for it to work faster. 
  10. And the final alternative is to check your backup data to access your world. You can do this by going to the backup menu, which can be found in your Realm settings. 


How can I change my aka.ms account settings? 

You can change your aka.ms account settings by clicking on this link, which will take you to your Microsoft account’s settings option. This way, you can make whatever changes you need regarding the connected devices or other personal details.

Just hit the Save button after you are done making the changes, and this will automatically sync up your settings across all the Microsoft connected devices. 

Can I connect my Xbox account to my aka.ms account? 

Connect your Xbox with your aka.ms account by typing this link – https://account.xbox.com/ on your browser. This will automatically take you to the settings option of your Xbox account. This enables effortless syncing up all account information, so it becomes much easier for you to access.

Is my data safe with aka.ms? 

Yes, aka.ms follows many strict security measures to ensure full online protection and safety are provided for your personal information and related data. Multiple layers of security checks are thus enabled to make sure only the original host party can unlock the account’s protected details. 


Now that you can connect your Microsoft account with Nintendo Switch and Xbox to play games, it is necessary to change the settings. In multiplayer games where many people are using the devices, even mobile devices, settings should be properly set.

The settings can be only disabled through the parent’s direct command through the Xbox and Nintendo Switch settings. Without that, any content that is perceived as explicit or too graphic for children’s consumption will essentially be turned off and disabled. The Microsoft Family feature’s account settings are the only access point to turn of these child protection settings. 

Furthermore, the process of changing your child’s account to an adult one requires proper documentation of proofs, which the Microsoft team will verify. Only this way can the child account be completed changed and disabled.

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