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Remote connect provides users to gain network access from multiple locations. This is quite a handy tool when you are away from your computer and you need to access something important. This little trick is quite popular among Microsoft users because it does have plenty of varied uses and a host of perks. Before you proceed, you can check how to setup 123-hp, how to activate Twitch TV, how to activate PCH, and more interesting articles on Money Brighter.


The Remote Connect tool is a nifty way to make sure all your access points are running smoothly, without any bumps. The diverse range of utility the Remote Control feature has ranged over strict administration work, peer to peer connectivity, to gaming, as well! Read on to learn more about how to connect the Microsoft Account.

With the help of this Remote Connect option, you can cast your screens across the connected screens. The only drawback being, this Microsoft feature does not fully work for an iOS model. Instead, you would have to install another app that is equally compatible with the host device. This is the only way an iOS user can connect their Microsoft account with the Remote Connect application. 

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Connect to ms/remote connect?

To connect to your Remote Connect feature, you have to pass through a certain amount of loops, first. After you have successfully passed each of the steps, with an added layer of extra protection to make sure that both of your devices and networks are safe – you can finally use the magic tool.

Listed down below is the simplest way to go to your Microsoft Remote Connect option on your computer. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: It is the most crucial one, by default. In order to use this feature on your PC, your, or somebody else, needs physically be present to log in to the destination PC (or, the remote PC).
  • Step 2: This is the device you seek to get full access to. It is quite simple to turn on the options for the Remote Connect.
  • Step 3: Go to your settings option, and then click on System. From there look for the Remote Desktop option and turn on the switch to enable the Remote Desktop. Finally hit the Confirm button.
  • Step 4: This automatically switches on the Remote Desktop discoverable networks for both ends of the network, your host PC, and the destination PC.
  • Step 5: You can further edit and tweak the network links. Just click on the Advanced button to modify it further. However, do not turn off the private network options as that will disrupt the connection.
  • Step 6: You can modify the connection and add an extra layer of security by turning on the Network Level Authentication (NLA). This ensures holistic security over both the device networks and also initiates a level of authentication before attaining the full contact to the remote PC.
  • Step 7: Now, if you want to access your administrative account on the PC that you have gained contact with through the remote connection, then you have to press the return arrow to the previous screen. Scroll through the list of available options and click on the Remote Desktop settings to further modify the details.
  • Step 8: Finally, you will find the option of signing into your Microsoft Account via the Windows pop up box. Click on it and complete the signup process so that your administrative rights are fully safe and sound without any worry of a breach.

Minecraft Remote Connect

If you are trying to connect your Minecraft game to a non-Microsoft device, chances are you are already exhausted. That might be because you have been trying the wrong methods all this while now. Microsoft has this amazing tool called Remote Connect which automatically makes your life a lot easier and the game more enjoyable for you.

The best part is the ways of setting this up not at all complicated, and you can get it done in a jiffy. Get the best experience of your gameplay by having the smoothest and the most effective device setup! Check out how to activate Food Network easily.

  •  All you need to do is just sign in to your Microsoft Account. If you are trying to play Minecraft on a device that is essentially not Microsoft, you would have to create a Microsoft account at the aka.ms.remote connect.
  • This allows you to play against a larger pool of people, including the ones using a Microsoft device setup.
  •  You can definitely enjoy a much better overall gameplay by choosing to switch to a Microsoft device setup because that allows you to interact and compete against players using a wider range of device setups such as Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS or Android, PS4, or even Xbox 360. 
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🤗 How to change my aka Microsoft remote connect settings?

You can simply log in to https://aka.ms/accountsettings and click on the appropriate options to find the settings button. Click on that and update whichever function you need. You can also tweak further details regarding your account.

🤯 How to troubleshoot https://aka.ms/remoteconnect when not working?

If you are facing some issues with the logging into your Microsoft account, or can’t connect to the Remote Connect feature then it is better to check out the issue by going to the main website and see what are the options for troubleshooting or reconnecting with your Microsoft Account.

🤠 Is it safe to run the aka remote Microsoft settings on your PC?

Yes, it is completely safe to run your Remote Connection network and connect to the host PC. You can also add another layer of security by enabling the NLA settings for the networks and the connected devices.


The most proficient tool to quickly reach for a file or run an application in another device is through connecting it to the Remote Connect application on both the devices. This way you can troubleshoot any problem, with only one step in between: simply log in to your Microsoft account, and start using the Remote Desktop Connection application.

This really opens up a lot more opportunities for gamers to compete against a larger pool of players without letting device restrictions and compatibility factors getting in the way. Ultimately, it increases the user’s satisfaction and also makes sure you experience the best gameplay without a glitch.

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