Bank of America/activate – How to Activate Credit & Debit Card

Bank of America Corporation is one of the most premium and eminent financial institutions which offers just as much high-quality service to its customers. It is always there to ensure that all customers get top-notch bonuses, perks, and other features through everyday shopping and other purchasing decisions. Read on to learn how to go to bankofamerica/activate and start using your card right away!


This is why there millions of new Bank of America card users every day trying to navigate the paths of owning a credit or debit card for the first time. Well, that is why you have this website to help you out! There are several methods that you can employ while trying to activate your credit or debit card. Just read through all of the following explanations and the detailed steps to get proper guidance.

Always remember that are a lot of internet frauds out there posing to get your banking and card details. Be extremely careful with any sensitive information you are putting out on the internet, and always double-check before hitting the enter button.

Bank of America/Activate Card Through Online Banking

Living in the 21st century, there are only a few things that cannot be accessed through the online medium. Internet is a wonderful tool, and this is how you can also get your Bank of America card activated remotely through the brilliance of online banking. Getting started with the many advantages of online banking is fairly easy!


However, before you begin, you must be very careful about where you are putting in all the details of your bank account. So before going forward, do remember to double-check the credibility of the website.

  • The online card activation process is easy. The user can visit the official Bank of America site. If the user already registered with the site, then he/she can log in with the credentials.
  • Those who are not registered with the bank’s website can enroll to activate their cards. 
  • On the Enrollment page, enter the last 6 digits of your card. Enter your social security number or tax ID number. If you don’t have social security to a tax ID number, you can click on the ‘Don’t have social security number or TIN’ button below. 
  • Once the registration is completed, you can activate your card through online banking. 

Download the Mobile App

You also have the option of activating your Bank of America cards through the mobile banking option. For that, you need to download the mobile app.

  • Go to Apple Store or Google Play Store to download and install the Bank’s Mobile App. 
  • Log in to the app by using the same username or email and password as online banking. You will be landed on the homepage of your account.
  • Select ‘My Account’ or ‘Account’ to get to your profile. Click on the Cards option and select ‘Activate.’ 
  • The activation process is the same as your online banking. You need to enter the last 6 digits from the 16 digit number printed on your card. Enter your social security number on the next box. Tap on ‘Next.’ 
  • The card will be activated as soon as your personal identification is made within the app.

Mobile devices are the most common gadget we use today. With the cell phone app, now it is easy to direct deposit, funds transfer, balance inquiries, check transaction history, and so on.

Cell phone app Alerts: You can set alert options on your App so that you don’t have to go for balance inquiries every time. The cards’ expiration date, various charges, additional fees for transfer funds, savings, and other accounts’ details can be tracked through alerts. You can also contact customer service via the cell phone app. 

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Bank of America/Activate Debit Card

Most people around the world usually start out with a Debit card at first. It is much easier to manage and gives you plenty of time to figure out how to manage your money while you are it. Debit cards are essentially a great tool for small to medium purchases, especially for students and young adults alike. Hence activating your debit card has to be done immediately after you get your debit package delivered to you.

So follow these steps to activate your Bank of America debit card:

Bank of America
  • You can go the old school way and visit a bank branch to sort it out with a professional.
  • Another way is by going to the ATM and directly inserting your card, and setting a PIN by yourself. This will automatically ensure that your debit card gets activated.
  • If you do not want to leave your house at all, then there are virtual methods that you can take full benefits of, such as the Bank of America mobile application.
  • You have to log in with your credentials and then go to your account after following whatever instructions are there on the screen.
  • You can also activate your Bank of America debit card from the official website. Log in with your username and password. Put in the verification code and get your Bank of America debit card activated. 

Debit cards are commonly used by almost everyone. This makes ATM withdrawals easy and handy. 

Bank of America/Activate Credit Card

Getting your first credit card is surely a great deal. Usually, your credit card begins your serious financial decisions. A credit card allows you a great deal of independence and mobility with your purchases. Bank of America, especially, makes sure that the customers such as you are fully content with all the perks that come with shopping with your Bank of America credit card.


You can activate your Bank of America credit card by following these easy and simple steps:

  • After you receive your credit card package, open it to check for the instruction manual and several other papers that have come along with it.
  • Out of all of those, one of them will have a particularly highlighted sticker on the front. There you will find the number where you can directly contact to activate your credit card.
  • The second option is to go to the nearest Bank of America ATM and enter your PIN in the message that pops up. You can also make any monetary transaction that requires a PIN and thus activate your credit card.
  • The final option is through the Bank of America online site or their mobile application. Both of these methods are quite easy to navigate, and you will get your credit card activated in no time. Click on this link to get to the online banking website!
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Bank of America/Activate Card FAQ

Is it safe to activate your card online?

Yes, it is as long as you are doing it from the official online site. There are several scam websites asking for your card details, so you have to be wary about that.

How do I activate my Bank of America card online?

You can check out the official website and login with your proper credentials. Put in the correct verification code, and then follow the instructions about activating your Bank of America card online.

Why should I activate my card?

You need to activate your card in order to gain full access to your card and use all of its perks and cash bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Activating your card is the first step to unlocking all the several features and perks that are provided to you. Bank of America makes sure that all of their card users get many exclusive discounts, bonuses, and many exciting offers.  

Are you new to Online & Mobile Banking?  The fastest way to activate your personal credit card is with your Online Banking ID and Passcode. You can also get the app debit card and change debit card PIN or ATM card. 

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This is the reason why activating your card the moment you get it is an excellent decision indeed. If you have more to add, please let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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