Bank of America Routing Number – United States (2020 Full List)

In the US, the banks and other financial institutions use routing numbers to identify themselves. Bank of America routing number is made up of 9 digits and sometimes called routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, or RTNs. For more exciting information, you can visit Moneybrighter.

bank of america routing number

The Federal Reserve Banks needs routing numbers to process Fedwire funds transfers. The ACH network also requires them to process electronic funds transfers – like direct deposits and bill payments.

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Bank of America routing numbers for ACH transfers

The ACH routing number should be included in sending an ACH transfer to any Bank of America account. To post a domestic ACH transfer, you will need to use the ACH routing numbers, which differ from state to state. To find your ACH routing number, you will need to include the ACH routing number when sending an ACH transfer to any Bank of America account.

Uses of a routing numbers 

Banks use the routing numbers for all types of financial transactions. You may need one should you wish to do these tasks:

  • Set up direct deposits, or pay bills automatically from your account with Bank of America
  • Make payments such as salaries or pensions deposits into your accounts
  • Pay in by a check
  • Make a wire transfer or ACH payments to someone in the US

Which Bank of America routing number should you use?

The Bank of America routing number you need depends on the transaction. You might require one number to receive ACH transfers, and another to set up automatic bills payments.

A bank may have a few different routing numbers, but they can not share it with other banks. It helps make sure your payment ends up where it is meant to be. You can look for the Bank of America routing numbers for:

  • Bank of America checking and savings account routing number
  • ACH payments routing number
  • Wire transfers routing number

Where to find Bank of America Routing Number on a check

If you have Bank of America check, you will be able to easily find your routing number. It is the unique nine-digit number, usually located at the bottom of the check.  

How to find the Bank of America routing number online

Your routing number helps make sure your payment arrives at the recipient safely and soundly, but it is always worth checking the right account and routing number with your bank or your recipient. Below are some of the ways to find your number online:

  1. Bank of America online banking. You will be able to get your Bank of America routing number by logging into online banking.
  2. Check or statement Bank of America-issued check or bank statement.
  3. Fedwire – You can also find your routing number on the official website of the Federal Reserve.

Routing numbers, BIC, SWIFT codes, and IBANs – What is the difference?

You will require a few details to send or receive money via wire transfer either in the US or internationally. Routing numbers can help to identify banks when processing domestic ACH payments or wiring transfers. Only in the United States. You do not need one to institute payments to your friend in France, for instance.

SWIFT codes, like routing numbers, can identify banks and financial institutions for international payments. They are sometimes called BIC codes.

IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers) can identify individual bank accounts. They are issued by many banks in Europe, and banks worldwide are starting to adopt them as well.


☑️ How to find ABA Routing Number

You can get the correct routing number for the type of transaction you want to make by selecting the state in which your account was opened.

🔔 How to find ABA Routing and Account numbers?

You can get both your ABA routing number and your Bank of America account number by following the following steps:
*On our website
Sign in to Online Banking website
Choose your desired account and go to the Information and Services tab
*On your Mobile device
Sign up to the Mobile Banking App
From the Accounts Overview tap to select your checking or savings account
Scroll down to the Account Details heading

♻️ What is ABA Routing Number?

The ABA Routing Number is a 9-digit identification number assigned to the financial institutions by The American Bankers Association. The number identifies the financial institution in which the payment is drawn. Routing numbers are sometimes called Check Routing Numbers, ABA Numbers, or Routing Transit Numbers (RTN). Routing Numbers differs depending on the state in which your account was opened and the type of transaction being made


Bank of America Routing number is an essential number that helps facilitate saving, receiving, and sending money. There is no problem in writing your routing number down for ease of access. Kindly leave your review on the comment section down below.

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