5 Best LLC Services in the United States – Compared 2021

When it comes to business formation services, everyone can get confused, especially since forming a business need a lot of expertise and professionalism. This is why one needs to have the best services, which the 5 best LLC services on this page provide. 

As for the Limited Liability Company, choosing the best business formation services are extremely mandatory, especially if you want to keep away from the hustle of forming a business entity all on your own.

best llc services

On this page, we discuss the top services you need for your LLC form of business. These are the best LLC services you can have, and hence, after quite a good comparison, you wouldn’t have any doubt about whom to choose.

Top-rated LLC services for 2021

We have listed down five different LLC service companies that will help you through the entire process of LLC formation, be it in Connecticut or Wyoming. After much research, we have decided on these five names, which will most certainly help you establish a wonderful business and gain more profits.

  1. ZenBusiness: this is the best service provider for small-scale businesses, all thanks to the affordable formation packages and high experience.
  2. Rocket Lawyer: this is the best company in the entire industry which you can hire for legal advice regarding the filing services, forming a proper structure, understand the rules, and so on.
  3. Incfile: this is a premium LLC formation service provider in the market, thanks to the premium package it offers at no cost.
  4. Inc Authority: this is one of the best professional companies you can hire if you want to protect your personal assets in the best way.
  5. LegalZoom: if you want to hire the best Harvard business services which will help you in the entire business formation process, no other services will be as good as LegalZoom.

Other services provided:

These companies are also involved in providing several other types of services that we have discussed here, like:

Best LLC services: thorough breakdown

We have already mentioned the companies which we think will be best for your LLC formation process. However, in this section, we will describe the operating procedures of these companies along with several other relevant information pieces.


Zen Business pros

  • Zen Business offers quite a number of options for affordable packages that wouldn’t even form a dent in your budget.
  • It is known for excellent customer service, which is it is a well-known name in the business services industry.
  • Over the years, it has gained positive customer feedback, which is why it has such a strong following in the industry.
  • You can hire the best Northwest registered agent through Zen Business.

Zen Business cons

  • The basic plan comes with an additional cost of $70 in case you want the company to file for your EIN.

Zen Business pricing factor

Zen Business will provide you with three package options: the basic plan lasting for 2 to 3 weeks, the middle plan will be available for one week, while the premium package will last for 3 to 5 business days.

Zen Business features

  • Once you book for the registered agent services, you will be offered the service for free in the first year. After that, you need to pay $199 annually.
  • In the premium package, you will get multiple options like EIN, domain, name, and the compliance guarantee.
  • You will be able to get a CPA assessment record for understanding the formation’s finances and other costs.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer pros

  • Be it for forming the Articles of Organization or getting a proper business advisory plan, Rocket Lawyer’s plan will help you to form the best business in the US.
  • It is considered to be one of the best service providers with a 24X7 customer support system.
  • It has a high customer feedback reputation, thanks to the top-level legal services it provides.

Rocket Lawyer cons

  • This is one of the formations of service providers that focus only on the legal services and business fillings. This is a great disadvantage since you won’t be able to enjoy other kinds of services, no matter whether you are having the basic or the premium gold package.

Rocket Lawyer pricing factor

At Rocket Lawyer, you will get the standard package at 15 to 20 business days, the middle plan for around 12 to 15 working days, and the gold package for ten business days.

Rocket Lawyer features

  • No matter what plan you will choose, Rocket The lawyer will provide you with free incorporation services.
  • You will get one year of a different kind of legal services like expert legal advice from different attorneys, amazing discount, proper customer support, amazing advice on different legal documents like the operating agreement, and so on.
  • You will be able to hire the Northwest, the registered agent, for one year without having to pay for anything extra.
  • This is the perfect LLC formation service that you can have in the industry as an entrepreneur.

Incfile & Inc authority

Incfile pros

  • To enjoy the services of a registered agent throughout the first year of subscription-free of any cost, even in the basic packages, you may go for Incfile.
  • It offers excellent service for the formation process of an LLC, which is why it has gained such excellent customer feedback over the years.
  • One of the most valuable features of Incfile that has made it amazing for forming different types of businesses is its online dashboard for tracking and preparing different forms of reports and documents.

Incfile cons

  • For any extra business feature like forming the Articles of Organization or the EIN number, you will have to pay an extra amount apart from the money you will be paying for the package.

Incfile pricing factor                                                  

For processing the order in all three packages, including the silver package, gold package, and platinum package, Incfile will take twenty-four hours only. However, before you choose a plan, do consider the extra additional costs you have to bear in the basic packages also.

Incfile features

  • In the platinum package, you will get the free domain registration service along with different business contract templates.
  • You can easily sign up for EIN in the diamond package and also file for the Articles of Organization freely.
  • Registered agent services can be taken for one year free with all three package plans.

Inc authority

Inc authority pros

  • One of the major benefits of choosing Inc Authority as your helping hand is because it provides a free LLC formation checkout process. You need not pay extra for understanding the devising the formation plan.
  • All the legal requirements can be met easily on their online website dashboard, which is why several business owners have been able to get help whenever they want.
  • With excellent customer feedback, you will have no problem understanding how well the company works.

Inc authority cons

  • Some of the services need extra additional costs, which you could get for free if you knew about the process.
  • The premium package, however, is costlier than any other LLC formation packages of the competitors.

Inc authority pricing factor

For the basic and medium package plans, the processing time is around 1 to 3 weeks. However, if you are taking the top plan option, the process order will be accepted immediately, with no delay. The rest of the features will vary according to the type of plan you are choosing.

Inc authority features

  • You will get agent access for one year in all the plans without any additional cost. This will help you to draw annual service reports easily and stay notified of any legal proceedings your LLC is involved in.
  • Digital storage is available with this service since you will be able to store all the important documents and files on the dashboard of this company.


LegalZoom pros

  • It has gained outstanding customer feedback, because of which you can easily trust this particular company for any other provider in the industry.
  • For forming the Limited Liability partnership, this is one such company that will provide you with an all-rounder service, starting from an affordable services subscription plan to several additional services for the LLC formation.
  • It deals with several legal filing requirements, more than other competitors in the market.

LegalZoom cons

  • For forming the incorporation, it will charge you more as compared to several other service providers in the market.

LegalZoom pricing factor

If you are opting for the top plan subscription, it will take around 7 to 10 business days to get accepted. For the middle plan, 15 days is the time limit, and for the basic package, it’s around 30 days.

LegalZoom features

  • With LegalZoom, you will get a lot of help regarding the paperwork for the business advisory plan.
  • You will access different legal forms at no cost, and hence, you won’t have to search for different locations to get those.
  • Apart from this, you will get from trusted business attorney service for any legal proceeding, filing, and other such activities.

Importance of professional LLC formation companies

Before finding out the best business formation services, it will be much better to know why hiring a professional will help you with your plan of LLC business structures.

Less hassle

The first reason why professional services are essential for forming an LLC business is the reduced hassles of forming the business entity all on your own. Neither will you have to think about protecting your personal assets but also you will easily get the business licenses without any hurdle.

Easy registration and licensing

With the license research package provided by most of the Harvard business services, you will be able to complete all the requirements of the legal documents for the entire formation process. Also, you won’t have to worry about filing for the license because professional companies such as services will do it on your behalf.

Reduced formation cost

No matter what type of business formations we are talking about, there is a huge capital investment involved. Most business owners get really worried about drafting a proper budget plan that will help them in operating swiftly without any problem. However, without any proper level of experience, it can be very difficult for them. That’s why you need the professional services which will guide you in proper Liability company formation with reduced expenses.

Easy access to registered agent service

If you want to enjoy uninterrupted access to the best-registered agent service, you will need help from professional services. Registered agent is very important for all the new LLC companies, and hence you need to hire professional services like that of Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom. Not only can you hire the best Northwest registered agent but also enjoy their services even after the formation of your business.

The best option for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, you need help from the best professional service provider. In fact, millions of clients actually look for a professional LLC that has been formed in the best way, and that can only be done when you are hiring a well-known LLC formation service.

Multiple company formation packages

Among the main benefits of hiring professional businesses is that you can avail different package options. Starting from the basic packages to the premium package, lots of choices will be there which will help you establish the best LLC in your chosen domain.

Best LLC services

With so many different online LLC services now present in the industry, it can be really difficult to choose the best one. We have researched a lot, read the reviews from millions of customers, and then only we have concluded on five such businesses which have more positive reviews than negative ones.

However, before telling you those five options, we would like to describe our approach of choosing the LLC service provider in the market.

Our approach:

In order to choose the best organization for forming a properly limited liability partnership, you need to look into these guidelines.

  • Looking into the feedback from the users
  • Getting to know more about the formation service package
  • Full customer support hours
  • Earner of positive customer reviews
  • Give access to a reputed business attorney.

A quick guide to forming the best LLC

With the best business partner, you can form the LLC in no time. Here is a small guide that will guide you through the entire process.

  1. First, you need to choose a proper business name following all the rules and regulations of the state you are planning to open the company in. Make sure to check the directory for choosing a name that will suit your LLC.
  2. Choosing a properly registered agent Northwest is your next step, and here, the professional company will guide you since they will give you access to the agent for one year free.
  3. You need to get the EIN number for enjoying the tax liabilities and opening a bank account.
  4. Forming the operating agreement is the next step you have to think about to get a reliable customer base, especially if you are planning to open a foreign LLC.
  5. The Articles of Organization should be prepared as it is one of the formation documents needed to register your LLC with the Secretary of State in the US.


Which company is best for legal advice?

If you want to choose the best standing company for getting varied legal advice plans, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer will be the ideal choice since they have a wide collection of business attorneys.

Which is the most expensive option?

LegalZoom and Incfile are the two most expensive options in the industry. However, they provide the best services and hence would never disappoint you. Perhaps you should always go for a company providing your additional services at a standard package and comes with excellent customer support.

Will the company help me to file taxes?

Every specialist in LLC formation will help you with taxation issues, and hence you will be able to avoid government tax penalties easily. You will also be able to file the tax on time, and hence no dues will be levied on your business.

What attribute is the deciding factor of the LLC formation?

There are several attributes that will affect the LLC formation, but one of them is the operating agreement. With this, you will never be able to form the perfect incorporation to protect your assets.

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