www.fitbit.com/setup – How To Set Up Your Fitbit Charge 2/3/4

The Fitbit device, along with the applications, can be set up seamlessly through www.fitbit.com/setup. You only need to follow the proper setup process mentioned on the official site or the manual handbook you will receive with your product. You can also visit the Community Guidelines. This Fitbit Community features communication between real people who post helpful tips. Meanwhile, MoneyBrighter also gives you further assistance on this page with answers to frequent questions. 


Just make sure whichever device you are trying to sync with your Fitbit device is already on the compatible devices list. Otherwise, it will become difficult to set up your Fitbit Charge, even your Fitbit Inspire. You can quickly check out the list of compatible devices from fitbit.com/devices. You can set up your Fitbit account in other ways even if they are not on the compatible devices list. It is through the app called Fitbit Connect, which will require specific Bluetooth settings.

Note that you can purchase your Fitbit device using any major credit card, so you may want to check out Citi.com/activate Card, Americanexpress.com/activateBankofAmerica.com/activate, or CapitalOne.com/activate credit card.

Steps to Pair Fitbit Charge with www.fitbit.com/setup

The first step of setting up your Fitbit Charge 2/3/4 is deciding which application to use. You can either use the Fitbit App or do it with the Fitbit Connect application. 

  1. Firstly you have to check out www.fitbit.com/devices to look for
  2. Check the compatibility of the Fitbit app with your mobile device. You can do this at http://www.fitbit.com/devices.
  3. Open the Fitbit app on your device manually or automatically start the syncing procedure by detecting the device. 
  4. iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone have full compatibility support for the Fitbit Charge 2/3/4 devices. 
  5. There are options from the Google Play Store as well, in Samsung Galaxy S5 and Motorola Droid. 
  6. Directly install the application onto your device and sign in or log in. 
  7. Set up your account by following the setup message on the setup screen. 
  8. Now you can directly login into your Fitbit account, which will automatically be synced up with your Fitbit Charge 2/3/4 device. 
  9. After that, transfer your data and back and forth, and you’re all set. 

You won’t go wrong with this process so long as you follow the setup screen’s setup message.

Sync Your Tracker Data to Your Fitbit Account

All vital data or stats are accessible on your dashboard. From there, you’ll see if you are correctly synced.

  1. Starting to use your Fitbit Charge 2/3/4 daily means you would regularly sync it with your Fitbit account. 
  2. Details regarding your activities are related, including your health stats, walk count, and other related information tailored to your linking. 
  3. All of this will be available to you on the Dashboard of your Fitbit App. The data will be easily transferred from your Fitbit Charge. But it would help if you synced it manually, at least once a day. 
  4. This also includes tracking your sleeping pattern, calorie count, and challenges progress (if you participate in any). 
  5. The Fitbit apps will also help you sync up your Bluetooth enabled tracker options (BLE) technology for further seamless navigation. 
  6. Your Fitbit App will automatically sync up with your Fitbit tracker if it’s nearby. You need to open the app within 20 feet of the computer. 


Can you have two devices connected to Fitbit?

No, you cannot connect multiple devices that use the Fitbit App Gallery to the same account. Connect only one device to your account at a time.

What is the proper way to wear your Fitbit?

Make sure you are wearing your Fitbit device on top of your wrist. The back of your Fitbit device should be in contact with your skin for the best result when it comes to tracking the likes of heart-rate. Also, your band shouldn’t be too tight. It should be able to move back and forth on your wrist.


The Fitbit products like Fitbit Charge 2/3/4 is quite a handy device for those interested in keeping at the top of their health stats and generally maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

If you have problems with the products and can’t find answers to your issues from Fitbit Com Setup’s guidelines, check the Fitbit Community. Real people post helpful answers to common questions. Still, best of all, you can ask a question, and someone will surely answer in a short time. 

Indeed, Fitbit Com Setup has detailed step-by-step instructions that you could easily follow. Still, nothing really beats real people’s answers since they are the ones using the device. Ask us about Fitbit community Moderators, scale into setup, setup mode, phone campatibility, Activity goals, software update, Regular restart, Fitness Goals, Setup Procedures, Fitbit App Note or anything from the article.

If you have other concerns about FitBit, do visit the community for assistance from other users. The community would be an ideal place to get help and even detailed steps. 

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