HSBC Login – How to Use Online Banking Portal of HSBC

HSBC Login is one sure way that you can monitor and keep track of your HSBC Account. You can also do a lot of transactions and it is very user-friendly. Now, you can go banking anywhere, anytime, at your utmost convenience. Yes, you read it right. It’s all about convenience. For a deeper understanding of HSBC’s online banking login, click on MoneyBrighter. Come on and let us talk more about this topic. 

hsbc login

Everything about  your HSBC account in one place

  • View the specific details of your balance and transactions, for all your accounts.
  • Transfer money easily. Whether you’re transferring money between different accounts or paying bills, online banking makes it easy.
  • Take care of your bills online and be rewarded. With just a few clicks, HSBC has partnered with a list of companies making it easier for you to do other errands without having the need to go to different places.
  • You can go paperless, Online statements do not require you to bring your passbook, or your check all the time. You can even make payments without any money literally on hand.
  • Security assurance. Rest assured your personal information and your money are kept safe.
  • International banking. For Premier or Advance customers with accounts in other countries, you can still manage it without going abroad.

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Online banking safety 

Your security is important to us. HSBC’s online banking service is protected by industry-leading security technologies, giving the most reliable protection against unallowed access. There are two log-on options for your convenience.


You can now log on using your username and your password. With this, you can execute simple banking tasks on a day-to-day basis.

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Secure Key

The Secure Key feature gives additional security to online banking. Logging in using a Secure Key, you can fully get access to online banking services. You can get more ideas about HSBC Secure Key.

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A bank statement which is always on hand

Isn’t it annoying to always misplace your important documents? Or are your banking statements too long enough to burst? Choose online statements and you’ll never have to go to the bank to take care of your bank statements again. When you opt-in, you can easily and safely access digital copies of your statements no matter what time of the day it is.

Digital bank statements can be seen in the same format as hard copies. The only difference is the way you see them. If you ever need a printed copy of a statement, you can call their hotline number or visit your branch to ask for one.  Need some assistance with your statements? 

How to register for Online Banking

  1. Create an account in five easy steps to get quick access to your accounts online.
  2. Make sure you have read and understood the HSBC online banking’s Terms & Conditions. When done, at the bottom of the page, click the checkbox to confirm your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and then hit Continue.
  3. Choose your account details from the list and fill in the required information. You can use your deposit account (debit card), or credit card, or phone banking number and their PINs then click the Continue button to proceed.
  4. Create your username. Your username should be at least five alphanumeric characters. This will stand as your lifetime access ID to HSBC online banking. Once you have created your username, it’s time to pick a memorable question and your memorable answer. Then, you will be asked to produce a password. These will be your exclusive-for-you log on settings. Hit Continue to proceed.
  5. Pick the security questions and give their corresponding answers. These security questions will allow you to safely and creatively reset your memorable question, memorable answer, or password in case you need to. Hit Continue to proceed.
  6. You will then be routed to a confirmation page of your successful online banking registration. When everything is done, you can now access your accounts through HSBC online banking and HSBC Mobile Banking.

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How to login to online banking

Logging on to online banking is simple. Every time you login, you will be asked for:

  1. The username
  2. The answers to the security questions
  3. The Secure Keycode (if you are logging on with a Secure Key) or three random characters from the password.

What to do when you forget your login credentials. If you lost memory of your password, choose, ‘forgotten password’ on the login screen to retrieve it. If you have entered your password incorrectly more than the number of attempts allowed, you’ll need to do the prompts to reset your password.

Note: If you haven’t logged on to online banking in 12 consecutive months, your registration will be canceled. You will have to register again to use the online banking service again.


🔍 What to do when my browser is out of date when I try to login?

For your protection, and for the system’s protection, some of the old web browser versions will have no access to HSBC websites. If you are not using up-to-date browser versions, you can search online for advice on how to do this or upgrade your browser to the latest version via their websites.

🔑 How to change my username and password?

You can’t change your username, but you can change your password, which is advised to do so from time to time to avoid unauthorized logins. You can also change your memorable question or answer, and your security questions.
1. First, go to online banking. Then choose the account name on the top menu bar.
2. From the choices, select ‘Log on & security settings’. Here you can change your details.
3. Upon changing your security settings, create passwords and answers that no one could guess. Never write them down. Just memorize them. 

🔎 How to search for a transaction?

Choose the magnifying glass on top of your account transaction list. Take note that Search can only show banking transactions done in the last three months, while transactions made in the last 12 months for credit cards. 

💹 How to view transaction history?

To see the history of your statements, choose the account from the list of your accounts, then the ‘Manage’ menu on top of your transaction list. Choose ‘View and print statements’ on the drop-down menu. 

❓ How to view account details?

First, pick an account from the accounts list. Complete account details and transactions will appear on the right.  To see more information about each account, choose Details. For more functions relating to the account to appear, choose Manage.


In this article, we are able to explain the benefits of using online banking. We have also provided the step-by-step instructions on how to create an account, how to log in, how to change passwords, and some what-to-dos. If you have any interesting facts to share, don’t forget to write it on the comment box, we would love to hear from you.

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