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Suppose you are anywhere in the NYC zip code, whether as a resident or a visitor, you must know about the details of paying bills and taxes there. Having a clear idea about how NYC’s financial procedures work through, you would be saved from a lot of unwanted stress. You will be able to enjoy your trip or residence thoroughly. Before you proceed with this article, you might also give a read to How to Use Online Banking Portal by HSBC Login or Add/Remove User From Your CapitalOne/activate Credit Card to understand online payments better.


Paying a Parking Ticket

You will have to follow the mentioned steps to pay your parking ticket online at the NYC Department of Finance:

As the first step, you will have to visit NYC 311 or the Department of Finance page.

  • You will see the service that says ‘pay parking ticket’ and will have to click on it.
  • You must then click on the link that says ‘pay a parking or camera violation online with a license plate, NOL number or summons.’
  • In the next step, you will have to provide either your license number or your violation number, the state of your car’s registration, and its type. 
  • Finally, you will have to give in the details of your payment information. After your payment, it would be processed within two to four business days.

You can pay for a red light ticket in the same way at the NYC Department of Finance page. In case you run a red light in NYC, you will be pulled up by an officer and issued a ticket. If you cannot pay the whole amount at once, you can schedule a visit for the payment or go to the courthouse to know your payment details. 

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Knowing the Status of Your Parking Ticket

To know your submitted parking ticket status, you will need to have the 10 digit NOL number. Otherwise, you can still check the status of your parking ticket or camera violation by providing your license plate number, the state that issued your license, and the type of the plate, like, vanity, passenger, or commercial.

You can look up in the NYC Department of Finance system to know how many unpaid violations you have on your vehicles. You can also check how much you owe if your ticket is in judgment, your payment status, and the status of your hearing or appeal.

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Getting Points off the Driving License in NY.

The NYC driving system works based on points. With each violation of the driving rules, points add up to your driving license. You are allowed to have your license intact up to 10 points within a time frame of 18 months and depending on the frequency of the traffic rules’ violations. 

However, if you reach 11 points, your driving license can get suspended. However, there are ways to get these points deducted and get your license back. There are mainly two ways of doing that, and one of them requires you to know about the rules, and the other one needs you to be patient. 

If you are patient enough, after 18 months of getting 11 or more points on your license, your points will dissolve on their own, and you will get your license back. 

However, one might not want to sit all that time idle and not drive. So, if you want to reduce points off your driving license, you might consider taking the six hours long New York State Driver Safety Class. 

Taking the class will not directly remove your conviction but will reduce 4 points from your license. You are allowed to take the class once every eighteen months, and it would also help you keep your points on the license low and help them not reach 11 or more.

Paying Property Taxes in NYC

You should know the details of your tax class and paying your property taxes on time. Failing to pay your taxes may lead to various legal consequences and might end up costing you your property as well. In NYC, you can pay your property taxes online, directly from your bank account, in person at a DOF Business Center, by mail, or through a pay bill website or bank.

If you pay online, you use City Pay, using your credit or debit card, electronic checks, or gift cards. You should keep in mind that a two percent service charge will be levied on your online transaction made using credit or debit or gift cards. Electronic checks do not cost any additional fee, but if your check bounces, you will have to pay a sum of 20$.

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Getting Exempted from Paying Parking Tax in NYC

Drivers who park in the rented Manhattan spaces are charged a tax of 18.375%, and it includes an 8% NYC surcharge tax. One can avoid paying the 8% surcharge if one proves to be:

  • A primary resident of Manhattan
  • Have their own vehicle or have one on lease
  • The vehicle is registered in their name with their corresponding Manhattan address.
  • The rented parking space is paid monthly.

You can apply for the exemption of this tax online or by mail. If your application gets approved, you will receive a Certificate of Exemption delivered to your mail.

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How long can you go without paying property taxes in NYC?

According to the property laws of NYC, if you do not remain up to date with your property taxes deadline, you might run the risk of getting a property foreclosure. This means that when you do not pay your taxes, all the accumulated amount becomes alien, a legal claim on your home. However, the government gives the owner some time to pay the taxes and get back the property. The time that one gets to save their house from property foreclosure is called the redemption period. One gets around 2 years as the redemption period. This means you can go up to 2 years without finally having to pay all of your property taxes.

How do I pay my NYC taxes?

To pay your taxes in NYC, you can make a payment directly from your account or use your credit or debit card. Paying directly from the bank does not require any additional charges, but using a credit or debit card will need you to give an extra fee. To make the payment, you need to create or log in to an online services account. You will then have to select ‘payments, bills and notices’ from the ‘services’ menu and finally select ‘make a payment.’

How do I find property taxes in NYC?

Property taxes vary per zip code. You can check the NYC Department of Finance for your property taxes. 


These are mainly the most important things you need to know about the payment of taxes and other NYC charges. It is essential to understand how to pay the taxes online, especially during this pandemic. To save oneself from legal consequences, one should pay their taxes on time. The same rule goes for parking tickets and other charges for violating the traffic regulations. You can share your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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