PayPal Account Number – What is It? How to Find Yours?

If you’re looking for your PayPal account number, you have to first identify what type of PayPal product you currently have. This will determine the availability of the features that you can enjoy. And in this article, we will try to explain to you why PayPal does not have a default account number for every active account in their platform.

paypal account number

PayPal Products

First, being a PayPal user, there is some level of access and features that your account can only use. If you are a basic PayPal account holder and also unverified, you are expected to have only limited access to your funds. But if you are a verified PayPal account user, you will have almost infinite access to your funds.

Both accounts are active because of their PayPal ID. Now, the PayPal ID is referred to as the email account that you registered when you signed up for a PayPal account. It is the one you will need to share every time you want someone to deposit money into your PayPal account.

So basically, the PayPal ID or your email is the equivalent of a PayPal account number when referring to banks and credit card companies. That email is the only thing you need to request or receive money from another entity. It can also be used so that someone could request money from you.

Your email address is your PayPal account identity, and such is the only way to access it. Whether you are going to deposit, request for money, or pay for a service using PayPal as your source of funds, your email address will be the only thing you need. And do not forget the password.

What if you need an actual PayPal account number?

Now, if for some reason, you really need to use an account number from PayPal, you cannot have it with a basic account. The PayPal account number is only available on PayPal Credit, PayPal Extra MasterCard, and other PayPal cards.

So if you are only using the online and email account-based PayPal product, you cannot have a PayPal account number. You are only limited to your PayPal-registered email address.

How to avail PayPal Credit?

PayPal Credit is only available in the US. So if you are outside the US territory, you might as well forget about it.

Now, going back to the real issue where you need to get a PayPal account number that is only available in the US. The question should have an answer by now if you are out of the mentioned territory. But if you are currently residing in the US, all you need is to go to the PayPal Credit official website and apply.

Note that your application is subject to approval. Also, your application will require some important personal details like Social Security Number, your date of birth, and accept the PayPal Terms and Conditions.

The approval decision should be available to you in seconds, so this should be one of the fastest credit approvals available to date. The sad part is if you get declined which will be a total let-down.

Once you get an approval for a PayPal Credit, you will need to connect it to your actual PayPal account to get some extra benefits. By this time, you will have access to a PayPal account number.

How to find PayPal Credit account number?

Finally, you can learn your PayPal account number. This process should be easy for you because you will be familiar with navigating around your PayPal account dashboard. But if you are still unsure, here is how you can find the PayPal Credit account number.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the PayPal official page.
  2. Click on the login button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. On the next page, type in your PayPal email and password. Hit the Enter key or click Log in.
  4. On your main PayPal dashboard, go to PayPal Credit.
  5. Find the See Statements and click on it.
  6. Click any of the transactions listed on the page to view the billing cycle.
  7. Once a cycle is loads up, download a copy of the statement by clicking on the Full Statement PDF somewhere on the left page.
  8. Wait for it to finish.
  9. Now launch the PDF copy of your billing cycle. Once it launches, you can find your PayPal Credit account number on the top left corner of the page.
  10. That’s it. You may use that account number where you deem it necessary.

The PayPal Credit account number is limited to the features that the PayPal Credit possesses. So it would be best to use the email address that you are using on your PayPal account instead. It is much safer and even more convenient as the funds will be easily available in seconds once the process is complete.

Bottom Line

As related to today’s topic, in what scenarios do you think that the PayPal Credit account number will be useful? And if you have the option, would you prefer the PayPal Credit to be your main credit card? Tell us what you think in the comment section. We would love to know your insights and what you think about PayPal accounts lacking basic account number.

Also, if you have questions that you want to ask us, do feel free to leave a message in the comment section as well. We read all your messages so if we find an interesting question that is potentially helpful to others we will indulge and answer your queries as soon as possible.

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