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Paypal has made all our lives easier by allowing us to receive and make payments effortlessly. Now with PayPal shipping, not only do you get easy discounted shipping using just your printer and you don’t even have to queue up at the Post Office! With Secret PayPal Shipping, all you have to do is to purchase a US Postal Service or UPS Shipping label online using your PayPal account, print it and affix it to your package, and then give it to the carrier.

Why use Secret PayPal Shipping?

  • Pay no subscription fees and get discounted shipping using UPS and USPS
  • Ship multiple packages without a lot of paperwork
  • Easily track all packages using your PayPal account
  • Save a lot of time as shipping addresses are pre-populated
  • Get PayPal Seller protection and shipping coverage to be secure

How to save money using PayPal Shipping?

PayPal uses the following two shipping carriers to cater to your needs.

  • USPS Shipping
  • UPS Shipping 

USPS Shipping

Using the USPS Shipping option, you can avail flat rate boxes for both domestic and international transfers and you also get access to USPS Commercial Base pricing. Additionally, they also provide services like First Class Mail service, Priority Mail service, Priority Mail Express service and more to make the process much easier and efficient for you.

UPS Shipping

Using the USPS Shipping option, can save you a lot of money as they offer special eCommerce discounts on domestic and international shipping, including up to 45% off UPS Ground Shipments and up to 55% off UPS 2nd Day Air on eligible packages.*

*Rates are limited to shipping from the continental US only. This excludes shipment origins from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

How to ship using PayPal?

PayPal has made the shipping process very easy, which can be carried out from the comfort of your own home. Use the following steps to get started with it:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account on either a PC or a Mac and click on the ‘Activity’ tab.
  2. Locate the sale for which you want to provide shipping service and click ‘Print Shipping Label’ which would be in a blue bubble.
  3. For first time users, you will be prompted to verify your address, phone number, and the type of printer you want to use, then select the packaging and shipment options which you want to use. Enter the package weight and dimensions.
  4. Click the ‘Calculate Shipping Cost’ button and then click ‘Confirm and Pay’ once you have reviewed all the information for accuracy. The necessary shipping costs will be debited from your PayPal account and you will be able to get a printable label that you can affix on the package.
  5. Now you can drop off the package with the label at the Post Office or a UPS Store to ship the item. 

If you need to update the address you’re shipping from, your shipping carrier preferences, return labels or other details, visit the PayPal Shipping Information Page

Caution: Be careful to carefully weigh and measure the packages before calculating the shipping, as inaccurate information can lead to returns.

After shipping, you can securely even track the package’s status and monitor when it is delivered to the recipient. PayPal has made the process fairly straightforward so that everyone can use it and the entire shipping process becomes smooth.

What are the Shipping rates?

Shipping rates are calculated on the basis of how much you charge customers to ship their items. For single items, you can use flat-rate shipping. When customers order more than one item, you can charge an incremental shipping fee depending on the basis of amount (monetary value), order weight or item quantity. It is simple and quick to even set up profiles for different states or regions. 

You can go to the PayPal Shipping Calculator to find an estimated shipping cost on the basis of the destination, product type, product weight, real cost/flat fee, shipping box dimensions etc. This tool is a real time shipping cost calculator to help you determine the shipping costs associated with your sale so that you can quote the correct price to the customers as well.

Who can use Secret PayPal Shipping?

The Secret PayPal shipping option can be used by anyone even if your customers pay you online using PayPal or not. It is a life-changer service which has been offered by PayPal. In fact, once you print the label for your shipping and put it on the package, you might not even have to visit the carrier to ship it! Depending on your address, a ‘Pick-Up’ option is also available wherein you can choose a suitable time and when the package will be picked up directly from your home or office. Isn’t that a game changer?

For Customers who pay you using PayPal 

If your customers pay you using PayPal, this shipping option can be a one stop solution for all your payment and shipping options. It is as simple as going to your activity tab, measuring the package weight and size and entering the necessary location details to estimate the costs and print your package. Then simply drop it at a Post Office or opt for a pick-up service and you are done. You can also track when the customers receive the package and also add the ‘Signature needed upon delivery’ option to make the process more safe and convenient. 

For Customers who don’t pay you using PayPal

Don’t worry even if your customers don’t pay you using PayPal, you can still ship packages using this option. In fact, PayPal also offers you the service to print ‘First Class Postage’ for all your parcels which you can’t avail directly from UPS, and all this while sitting at the comfort zone of your home. All you have to do is sign into PayPal and you can get started with your shipping right away. Try it out for yourself and you wouldn’t go back to taking a trip to the post-office ever again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

💡 What can I do after I print my shipping label?

After printing the shipping label, you can either drop off the package at the Mailbox or you can schedule a pickup from an address provided by you.

😒 What if any information that I enter is incorrect?

It is highly advisable to use a scale and to enter the correct packaging details as the shipping costs will be estimated on the basis of the weight entered by you and the quantity. In case of a mismatch of information, your package will not be shipped and will be returned back to you. You will have to repeat the process. Hence, if you are planning to use this option on a regular basis, it’d be wise to consider investing in a scale.

☹️  My buyer doesn’t pay me through PayPal, is the PayPal shipping still for me?

Yes, even if your customers don’t pay you on PayPal, you can still avail this option without any hassles. Just follow the steps mentioned above.

✈️  Can I ship internationally using PayPal shipping?

PayPal domestic and international shipping options are very similar except one thing – Customs form. Filling out a Customs form is generally very tedious, but PayPal has simplified the process even for this and provides automated services. Don’t forget to put your Customs form when you are sending the package.

📦 How do I know if my customer has received the package?

Once you ship the package using PayPal, you will be given a tracking number and using that you can track the package on PayPal account as well as on the shipping carrier’s website that you chose. Additionally, as a security measure, you can also opt for the option of ‘Signature by Receiver’ when they get the package. This way you will have tangible proof of the package being delivered to the right recipient. 


Time and money are the two most important resources in today’s world. With Secret PayPal shipping not only do you get exclusive services for a discounted price but also save you a lot of time from documentation and post-office trips. The PayPal shipping option can be an integrated solution for all your needs and to solve a lot of logistical issues for you, so try it out for yourself.

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