PayPal: Pay After Delivery

PayPal’s Pay After Delivery program was a great feature for those that prefer having their purchased items delivered to them first before paying. It gives a significant peace of mind and security to the buyer. Knowing that they get to hold and test the product first then pay afterward.

PayPal Pay After Delivery

During the beginning of the Internet, one issue with online payments was trust. It was hard for a purchaser and a merchant to meet on a similar level. If the seller sent their thing before getting the cash, they probably wouldn’t get paid by any stretch of the imagination; if the purchaser paid first, they probably wouldn’t get their thing. Administrations, for example, PayPal acquired advanced middle people who could settle questions and prevent scams from harming individuals.

What is Pay After Delivery?

The Pay After Delivery service of PayPal is a payment method where you do not have to pay for any item that you purchase online until you receive it. This will give more security and confidence to the buyer when shopping online.

On the seller’s side, PayPal will pay the item outright when the purchase is made. This is so that the seller could deliver the item right away. That means PayPal will temporarily shoulder all the expenses until the transaction is fully realized and executed.

In the previous scarcely any years, PayPal made this one stride further with “Pay After Delivery.” to put it, when you purchase a thing from a site that supports Pay After Delivery, PayPal goes through the cash in your stead. PayPal will, at that point, trust that the item will show up and for you to have some time with it. In the end, when the two weeks are up if PayPal didn’t get any warning of anything turning out badly with the exchange, they take the cash from your account.

This is a decent method for guaranteeing a scam doesn’t let you well enough alone for pocket, yet it leaves two issues instead: first, a few people don’t have this choice and aren’t sure why. Second, a few people do have this alternative and abhorrence of how PayPal continues utilizing it as the default approach to pay.

How to Enable”Pay After Delivery” system?

To actuate this element, you should initially append a bank account to your PayPal account. This goes as the wellspring of cash when it’s an excellent opportunity to take the payment from your record. To include a financial balance, go to the PayPal site and snap “Wallet” at the top.

Enter your bank subtleties and affirm your data. When your bank is connected, you’ll have the option to utilize “Pay After Delivery” on destinations that help it. Few out of every odd site will so be cautious during your exchange. If it is upheld, you’ll consider it to be a choice during the payment selection technique.

When you’ve requested your merchandise, and they land with no issues, you can advise PayPal to take the cash ahead of schedule by signing onto the site, heading off to the “Pending” area, and clicking “Pay Now” under the exchange.

This will provoke PayPal to take the cash from your financial balance right away. Try not to stress over doing this for every exchange; on the off chance that you don’t, PayPal will consequently accept that you’re content with your buy following two weeks have passed and will take the cash at that point. The “Pay Now” choice essentially stops installments leaving your financial balance after you’ve disregarded a buy.

Disable Pay After the Delivery system

A few people don’t care for having a conceded bill for about fourteen days into the future, particularly if they’re neglectful and wind up going through cash they don’t really “have.” In request to prevent PayPal from utilizing Pay After Delivery as your default technique for payment, first, sign in to PayPal, then click the cog at the upper right.


PayPal’s Pay After Delivery service is an incredible method to guarantee you get your online merchandise as publicized without being out-of-pocket, should something turn out badly. While it’s helpful for a few, others think that it’s not very pleasant and would prefer to pay forthright. Presently you realize how to enable and disable this component.

In your opinion, was it right that PayPal decided to terminate the PAD service just like that? Tell us what you think in the comment section. We would love to know your thoughts on this matter.

Feel free to express your ideas or leave your questions and comments down below. We appreciate the interaction and the value of the information it brings to the community. Rest assured that we will try to respond to all your queries as soon as we can.

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  1. I think the idea of pay after delivery is to create two things in which one is less profitable, and one is cheaper and the other is cheaper. If you take on all the responsibility in the world to get that thing at home and work from home you’ve got a lot less than 10 hours of work that you can get to the grocery store. This is very similar to how many “car deals” you can get at a job that pays more than a small number – you pay the difference and you get the same result as an electrician who doesn’t have to worry about what the price will be for a few hours. To me, what is more, important is how much the company will keep you happy and what you need in order for you to be motivated to do it.

  2. PayPal has a problem now that they just start providing better service. People are buying things to use them for now and then and their problems have become a bigger and more scummy problem now. People are becoming less and less willing to pay for convenience as they see fit. They can make a better customer experience. I love PayPal but I don’t use it yet so I cannot compare them with PayPal, I will try another service when I can get to a good place with no hassle.

  3. I think it’s interesting to note that at the time when payment processing business was first launched, that the most popular payment service and service wasn’t actually available to customers, it was a service that was used to provide support to customers. I don’t have any sympathy for any of this; as I understand it, PayPal was only useful for the first three of the three companies, and the customers they spoke about were. And I would have expected that PayPal’s customers would be happier with the service; the latter seems like a good use case for its product. PayPal’s business model will eventually take place, and I know that PayPal is still the most popular payment service and that the current PayPal services aren’t actually supporting their customers.

  4. I made an online purchase and Paypal was not accepted. This has never happened before. I asked for technical support and got a phone number, 1888-401-0102. I was told that my computer was hacked and someone, unautorized was using my PayPal. I checked all of my statements and found no such purchases. For $249. they said they would rid my computer from all viruses and then my PayPal account would be activated. I now believe that this was a scam. I don’t know why I could not log into my account or use PayPal for a purchase. This is the first time this has happened. WAS I SCAMMED?


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