PNC Routing Number – United States (2021 Full List)

Have you ever tried to transfer money in or out of your PNC Bank savings or checking account? Have you experienced sending money using the wrong routing numbers? If your answer is all yes, you must continue reading this post to avoid these errors since you will need to understand more about PNC Routing Numbers.

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In this Money Brighter post, you will be able to learn how to find your PNC Bank routing number and discover more on money transfers. In that way, you won’t send your money to the wrong place.

Eligible banks like PNC Bank use routing numbers to identify themselves. Routing numbers are the 9-digit numbers that serve as an address that legitimate banks and other financial establishments use to locate the money. A routing number is needed in many tasks like:

  • Domestic wire transfers
  • ACH payments
  • Automatic bill payment
  • Transferring money at different banks or investment firms
  • Setting direct deposit
  • Claiming benefits from the government, including tax refunds

PNC Bank has branches all over the United States. Every region has different routing numbers or “addresses.” To know the right PNC Bank routing number for you, check out our list below.

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PNC Routing Number by State

Your PNC Bank routing number is linked with the bank location where you opened your account. The bank branch where you create your account is what matters, even if you do your banking transaction on another branch.

As I said a while ago, PNC Bank has a different routing number in each branch. Here are the lists of PNC bank routing number for each state:

PNC Alabama43000096
PNC Delaware31100089
PNC Florida267084199
PNC Georgia053100850 / 061192630
PNC Illinois71921891
PNC Indiana43000096
PNC Kentucky83000108
PNC Maryland54000030
PNC Michigan41000124
PNC Missouri71921891
PNC New Jersey31207607
PNC North Carolina43000096
PNC Ohio042000398 / 041000124
PNC Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh43000096
PNC South Carolina53100850
PNC Virginia54000030
PNC Washington DC54000030
PNC West Virginia271971560
PNC Wisconsin71921891

What is a Routing Number?

Banks use a 9 digit code called routing number to identify themselves. It acts as an address that allows the other banks to know the money’s location where it can be found or send.

You will need a routing number to perform different bank transactions, such as direct or in-person deposits and wire transfers. It is also used in automatic payments and accepting automatic payments like tax refunds.

Through routing numbers, banks can trace where the transfer originated. It allows them to encash checks and clears them instantly. These numbers are also used for outgoing transfers to ensure that money will not go in the wrong place.

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Where to Find PNC Bank Routing Number

If you have a PNC bank check on you, you can find your routing number easily. The PNC Bank routing number is on the left lower corner of your checks. The account number and cheque number follow it.

The first four digits are referring to the Federal Reserve. The next four numbers are unique to your bank. Consider those as the bank’s address for the Federal Reserve. The last digit is a mathematical calculation of the first eight digits that are used to avoid check fraud.

How to Find PNC Bank Routing Number

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There are several ways to find your PNC Bank routing number. Here they are:

  • Paper Cheques – The PNC Bank routing number is on the bottom of the cheques on the left side corner. If you don’t have your checkbooks, follow the steps below:
  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Select your account
  3. Under the description column, click the blue hyperlink to locate your previous transaction.
  4. View the check image to get the routing number and the account number.
  • Online Statement – One of the best ways to know your PNC Bank account’s full details is to activate your online statement services. Follow these steps to get your routing number:
online banking
  1. Sign in to Online Banking.
  2. Select your account.
  3. From the Account Activity page, go to the Online Statements link.
  4. Click ‘Print Statement link.’ Your full account number can be found on the top right corner of the statement.
  • Account Activity page in Online Banking
  1. Sign in to Online Banking.
  2. Choose your account.
  3. Tap the “Show Account & Routing Number.”
  4. Verify your account by entering your password. The account information will be visible after completing all the verification processes.

Note: If you don’t close the window that shows your full account and routing number within 15 minutes, it will automatically close. However, if you click “For wire transfers,” it will confirm the information you need to create an incoming wire transfer.

  • SmartAccess Card in Online Banking
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  1. Sign on to Online Banking.
  2. Choose your SmartAccess Card.
  3. Tap on the “Sign in to SmartAccess” link on the right of your Available Balance.
  4. Your routing number and account number can be seen on the “Direct Deposit Information” on the Account Summary page.
  • Customer Service – Call PNC Bank at (888) 762-2265. Provide a few specific details to identify yourself. After that, the representative will confirm your account’s routing number.

Routing Number for Wire Transfer to PNC Bank

The faster way to send money is through wire transfer. It is better than ACH transfer. PNC bank wire transfer routing number may be different from the ACH routing number.

wire transfer

Receiving a domestic wire transfer PNC Bank

Visit PNC bank’s wire transfer instruction tool and enter the first two numbers of your personal bank account number to find your wire transfer routing number. You will need the following details:

  • Recipient’s name that appears on the account
  • Recipient’s bank, including the state and city
  • Account number
  • Bank routing number

Sending an international wire transfer to PNC Bank

You will need your Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications code or SWIFT code. PNC Bank’s SWIFT code is PNCCUS33.

SWIFT codes contain 8 to 11 letters or numbers code, which tells the transferring bank how and where to send international transfers. It also requires the following:

  • Recipient’s name same as it appears on the account
  • Recipient bank name, address, and country
  • Recipient account number
  • Bank’s SWIFT code of the recipient.
  • The currency of the recipient’s account. It could be U.S. dollars or foreign currency.
  • Purpose of wire transfer

Note: You will need to visit a branch location and fill out a Wire Transfer Request Form. For you to create an international or a domestic wire transfer with your PNC bank account.

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Which PNC Bank Routing Number should you use?

Here are the guides on which PNC bank routing number you should use. Read the details below.

  • For Any Domestic Money Transfer Activity
    • You can use the routing number linked with the bank where you opened your account.
  • For a Domestic Wire Transfer
    • You could use the PNC bank wire instruction tool to look up the correct wire transfer routing number.
  • For an International Wire Transfer
    • PNC SWIFT Code is PNCCUS33.×280&!8&btvi=6&fsb=1&xpc=EOoi75ZddZ&p=https%3A//

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Differences in Routing numbers, SWIFT codes, BIC and IBANs

You will need some details to send or receive a wire transfer from here in the U.S. or different countries. Here are the differences between routing numbers, SWIFT codes, BIC, and IBANs.

  • Routing numbers help banks to identify when processing domestic ACH payments or wire transfers. But it only applies in the United States. For example, when you have to pay your friend in France, you don’t need a routing number to complete this transaction.
  • SWIFT codes are like routing numbers. It also recognizes banks and other financial institutions, but it applies to international payments. SWIFT codes, sometimes known as BIC codes.
  • IBANs or International Bank Account Numbers recognize individual bank accounts. Many banks issue it in Europe. Other banks all over the world are starting to adopt this, as well.

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What is the PNC routing number?

PNC Bank routing number is linked with the bank location where you opened your account. PNC Bank has different routing numbers in every state. The lists are already provided in this article.

Where to find the PNC routing number?

The routing number is on the left corner at the bottom of your PNC Bank checks. The account number and cheque number follow it.

How to find the PNC routing number?

There are several ways to find your PNC Bank routing number. You can see it on your paper cheques, online, or by calling on customer service representatives.

Bottom Line

PNC Bank makes a way to find your routing and account numbers easily. In that way, you can direct your funds to the right place.

Make sure you’ve double-checked your routing number by viewing a check or online bank statement, especially if you live in a state with numerous PNC Bank routing numbers. By doing this, you can avoid sending or transferring money to the wrong place.

Do you find this article helpful? Tell us your experience on PNC electronic bank transactions in the comment below.

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