TD Bank Routing Number – United States (2020 Full List)


What is the TD Bank Routing Number?

TD Bank Routing Number is a 9 digit number that identifies the location of the bank where you opened your bank account. It can also be called the Routing Transit Number, RTN or ABA Routing Number.  A TD Bank Routing Number will be required for you to make/receive payments online or by the phone. Whether you use some other branch for banking purposes of TD Bank, your routing number will be the one where you opened your account. 

Usually, banks have more than one routing number if they have more than one branch in a country and it will differ from state to state and region to region. Find your Routing Number using this guide. 

What is the use of the TD Bank Routing Number?

  • To set up your bank account online
  • To receive salary or pension in your account
  • To set up direct deposit
  • For transferring and receiving funds electronically
  • To pay bills automatically from your TD Bank account
  • To deposit money to someone else’s account

Find your TD Bank Routing Number here

TD Bank Routing Numbers can also sometimes be called the ABA Transit Number.

Massachusetts/Rhode Island211370545
Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia054001725
New Hampshire011400071
New Jersey/Delaware031201360
New York – Metro NYC or former Commerce customers 026013673
New York – Upstate NY or former Banknorth customers021302567
North Carolina/South Carolina053902197

How to find your TD Bank Routing number on your own

Note: You can not find out the Routing Number using your debit/credit card as routing numbers are purely used to transfer funds between bank accounts. 

A bank uses the routing number to make sure that the recipient receives it in a timely and safe manner. A routing number can always be verified directly by you by visiting the Official website of the Federal Reserve.

Find the Routing Number on the Check

A sample cheque showing Routing number on left and the Account number besides it

The first 9 digits that can be seen in the image are the routing number for your TD Bank branch and it can be used for all transfers. Everyone who opened the account with the same branch of TD Bank will have the same routing number.

Your account number is different from the Routing Number and can be of 10-12 digits which will be unique to you and is printed on the right of the Routing Number on your check.

Check number is the series of the number of checks assigned to you which is used by the bank for monitoring purposes and you can use it for keeping a track and accounting.

Send a Secure Message Online

  1. Login to your account online and select the ‘Message Center’ page on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Send a Secure Message’ and write that you need to verify your bank’s routing number.

Call Customer Service of TD Bank 

Call TD Bank Customer Service at  1-888-751-9000 and you will be required to verify your identification information and a few account details to the customer representative who will then let you know about your bank’s routing number.

Note: TD Bank’s routing number can not be accessed through its mobile application. However, with an easy search online on the internet you can find out the routing number if you know the branch at which you opened the account.

How to make an international transaction?

For receiving an international wire transfer, you will need to provide the SWIFT Code of TD Bank which is NRTHUS33XXX. A SWIFT code can also be called the Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and it is used to identify the country, bank, and branch the account is registered to. 

Note: A SWIFT Code is used strictly for incoming international transfer only.

For making payments using an international transfer, you would need the following details:

  • Recipient’s name on Bank Account
  • Recipient’s bank name, address and country
  • Recipient’s account number 
  • Recipient’s SWIFT Code
  • Currency of Recipient’s bank account
  • Purpose of Wire Transfer

Another alternative to sending money abroad is purchasing a foreign draft. A foreign draft is similar to a cashier’s check in local currency drawn on an account maintained by TD Bank. However, a wire transfer is much more efficient than a foreign draft as funds are made available to the beneficiary sooner. 

An important tip to save money when sending international wire transfers is to prefer to send in the local currency of the recipient rather than your own currency. Sending in your currency can attract higher bank charges and can take longer than sending in the recipient’s currency.

What are the charges for a TD Bank wire transfer?

For Bank wire transfers using TD Bank there are nominal charges which differ on the type of your account and if it is a domestic or international wire transfer, see all charges details below. It is also important to take into account that the recipient may receive less than the amount debited from your account due to the fees charged by the recipient’s bank and intermediary bank if any. 

Domestic (Incoming)$15.00
Domestic (Outgoing)$30.00
International (Incoming)$15.00
International (Outgoing)$50.00
Charges for TD Bank Wire Transfers for Personal Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

💡 If I use a different branch for banking purposes but my account was opened in another branch, so which one is my routing number?

In order to simplify the banking process, the banks use the branch and location where your account was opened as the one which is your routing number.

💳  Can I find out my routing number on my debit/credit card?

No. A routing number is only used for a bank to bank transfers, therefore it can not be found out using your debit or credit card. However, you can bookmark this page for easy accessibility so that you can find your routing number whenever you need it.

💰 Is my Routing Number and Account Number same?

Routing Number and Account Numbers are different. Routing Number is the number which is used for identification of a particular bank branch, according to location. Account Number is specific and unique to your account. A lot of people will have the same Routing Number but no one will have the same Account Number as you.

✈️ For International Transfers, what would I need?

For receiving International Wire Transfers, please provide TD Bank’s SWIFT Code: NRTHUS33XXX along with your routing number.

For sending International Wire Transfers, you would need the Recipient’s name, bank name, account number, SWIFT Code of their account, the local currency and you’d also have to provide the purpose of the wire transfer.

💸 Will the amount that I send for wire transfers be the same as the amount the recipient gets?

The recipient’s bank and the intermediary bank will charge a fee, so your recipient will receive the amount after deductions. Please refer to the full charge lists above to plan accordingly.


Your bank account number and routing number is an important detail that can come handy at multiple times when you are making or receiving transfers. Therefore, it is a smart decision to store your account number and routing number in a safe place so that it is easily accessible to you.

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