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Capital One and Walmart have exclusively tied up together to offer a premium and exclusive service to all its customers! These customers can avail themselves of top discounts, Walmart Rewards, and grand offers while shopping at their favorite branch. Read on to learn more about and avail the discounts right away! You can check other interesting articles on Money Brighter.


Capital One is one of the most trusted names for credit and debit cards. They never fail to provide top quality customer service and are always spoiling them with choice! Walmart is another such household name. There is no product that is not available here, and their alternatives too! For every grocery run, shopping spree, gift hunt, or looking for a quick snack or dinner time fix,  Walmart has answers to all! Before you read on about Walmart’s credit card activation, you can check out about, and other articles on Money Brighter.

How to Activate a Walmart Credit Card Online

Capital One and Walmart have come up with the perfect one-click portal for all your shopping and financial needs! Now you can keep track of all your purchases, offers, cashback, and more discounts, all the while enjoying a much better shopping experience. Read on to learn more about all that it has to offer you!

  1. The first step of activating your Credit Card online is by signing in to your Capital One account.
  2. Once you successfully sign in to your account online, your activation process will begin. 
  3. If you do not have an online account, you can click on the Register button and create your online Capital One account instantly. 
  4. The setup for the activation can be accessed from the main website that you land on after signing in to your account. 
  5. Now, navigate to the button that says, Enrollment Page. This is how you will access your Capital One linked Walmart account
  6. After this, you will automatically get redirected to another page. This will allow you to begin the activation process. 
  7. You will find the instructions for putting in your Capital One card-linked bank account number on this page. 
  8. You will have to enter the three-digit security code printed at the back of your Capital One card. This step is taken to ensure the highest level of security. 
  9. After you have completed filling out all the details, hit the enter button to start the activation. 
  10. If you are unsure about the website process, you can opt for activating your Walmart card through the Capital One mobile application.

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What are the benefits of the Walmart Credit Card?

The benefits of applying for a Walmart Capital One card are numerous! Flat cashback offers and so much more options to ease your shopping experience. Read on to learn more about them all!

  1. One of the major benefits is for grocery and delivery pickup when there is a new purchase. This offer guarantees a whopping 5% cashback to the customer. 
  1. The customer can also earn a neat 5% cash back for any purchase made in-store. This especially applies when the customer uses the store’s pay feature within the first twelve months. 
  1. There is also the provision for the customer to earn a sweet deal of 2% cashback as an introductory offer after their first purchase from the store. Also, check out does Walmart accepts PayPal here.
  2. There are special offers for the lovers of fine dining and the globetrotters! The customers can avail of a special cashback offer of 2% for their dining and travel bills. 
  3. And, for everywhere else, there is another perk exclusively available to the users of this card! An offer of 1% cashback can be availed for everything else. 
  4. Cardholders can win Capital One Walmart Rewards with every purchase. Also, cardholders can gift their loved-ones Capital One gift cards on any occasion.
  5. Additionally, there are no hidden costs or extra maintenance charges. Even when you are doing transactions that are foreign, you will not be asked to pay any extra fees. Everything about this is transparent, so it works for your benefit. 
  6. You can check all your expenses, existing offers, and more information about your purchases in only one tap through easy access to your financial information. 
  7. And, in case the card gets misplaced or stolen, you will be able to track every purchase made and will not be held liable for any damage caused. 

The best part is that there are layers of security for your card, and you can even lock or unlock it through the official capitalone/activate website.

Who can apply for the Capital One card:

There are only certain requirements that need to be met while applying for a Capital One card. You can go through the list as stated below:

  1. You must be an existing resident of the United States of America. 
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age or above while applying for the card and the bank account. 
  3. You can be a new or an existing customer of the Walmart stores or a Capital One card user. Both kinds of parties can apply. Read more about the Capital one card here.

How to Register for a Capital One Walmart card:

If you want to get your Capital One Walmart card right away, then you just have to follow these few simple steps! Read on to learn more about it:

  1. The easiest step is to apply for the card directly from either of their official websites.
  2. You can go to or 
  3. You may also avail yourself of the option of using the Walmart mobile application for even faster access. 
  4. In all of the cases, you have to find the option called Enroll. Then hit the Activate button. And you will be done.

How to Reset Your Capital One Account Password:

In case you have forgotten the password to your Capital One account, here is a quick and helpful guide on how to recover it fast and without too much hassle. Follow the steps carefully so you can start enjoying the benefits of your card right away! 

  1. Go to the official website of Capital One Walmart card. 
  2. Over there, you will find the option of “Forget Username or Password.” Click on that. 
  3. You will find these instructions right below the button called Enroll and Activate. 
  4. Once you have clicked on the Forgot button, you will be redirected to a page where you have to fill out your personal details. 
  5. The details would include, but not limited to: 
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Your Social Security Number
    • Date of Birth
  6. After you have finished writing the details, click on the Find Me option to verify your details.
  7. More instructions about setting a new password will pop up on the screen.
  8. Keep going by the prompts shown on the screen, and then you will be all set.

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🤷🏻‍♀️Is it worth it to get a Capital One Walmart card?

Yes, it is worth it because you will get a whole lot of special offers and flat cashback discounts on all your purchases.

🙆🏻‍♀️How do I activate my Capital One Walmart card?

You can activate by going to the official website and clicking on the Enrol button > Activation button.

🙅🏻‍♀️Are there extra charges with the Walmart card?

No, there are no hidden or extra charges with the Capital One Walmart card. You can simply get it without having to worry about excessive hidden fees or more.


Hence, this tie-up between two such highly respected and valuable companies is a well sought-after deal for everyone. There are innumerable perks such as special cashback, discounts, offers, promo codes, Walmart rewards, and more. This unique credit card system helps the customer manage their Walmart shopping expense while using their Capital One card for exclusive deals. Everything is much more convenient, efficient, and easy. 

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