Wells Fargo Routing Number – United States (2021 Full List)

Wells Fargo and Company is one of the most successful American Multinational Banking and Financial holding company. It offers several services and functions to its clients. The Wells Fargo routing number is one of the essential nine-digit codes that help expedite seamless wire transfer services of money. This page gives you the correct routing numbers of Wells Fargo and where on your paper checks you can find them.

wells fargo routing number

Wells Fargo Routing number is the unique nine-digit number. The accurate routing number is usually located at the bottom of the check. It identifies the financial institution in which it is drawn or printed. The number on the check, also referred to as American Bankers Association (ABA) number, or SWIFT code can maintain an account and transfer funds from one account to another. This number is vital for transferring money to your other accounts or sending money to friends.  

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How to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number

As you earn online, you will need to connect the savings and checking accounts of your various income sources. You have to develop a full overview of how the routing numbers work and how to find the Wells Fargo number for each state. You can effectively keep track of all your accounts with Personal Capital.

Ways to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number

Should you choose to set up electronic funds transfers or direct deposits, you would need your account routing number. There are several ways to get your number by looking at your check or the bank’s website. Here are two standard methods to find those numbers:

Check from Wells Fargo Website


Since the routing numbers are not secret, the bank’s website posts those numbers online. You can find your Wells Fargo numbers on their website.

All you need to do is choose the type of account and the state where you opened the report, and your routing number will be displayed. You can also sign to Wells Fargo Online, select your account, and then select the link that shows your number.

Also, you can check the frequently asked questions section. Banks have many ABA routing numbers, and therefore it is essential to know the state where you opened your account.

Look at Your Check

Another method of finding the routing number is merely looking at the bottom of your negotiable instruments, such as the personal checks. This number of your account is the code located at the lower-left corner of the check, usually put in between the two signs that look like semicolons. At the bottom of the personal check, there are three digits usually printed with magnetic ink.

The first nine-digit code is the routing number, the next is the account number, and then the last set of the numbers typically represent the check numbers. The number can be the first or in the middle of the check.

You can easily recognize it because of the unique nine digits between symbols that look like semicolon symbols. The routing number on personal checks is for domestic wire transfers. 

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Wells Fargo Bank Routing Numbers per State

The summary of the Wells Fargo routing numbers according to state is made simple for ease of understanding. You can see these numbers for every state that they operate. For instance, the Wells Fargo number for Minnesota is 091000019.

US StateRouting Number
District of Columbia054001220
New Hampshire121042882
New Jersey021200025
New Mexico107002192
New York026012881
North Carolina053000219
North Dakota091300010
Rhode Island121042882
South Carolina053207766
South Dakota091400046
Texas – El Paso112000066
West Virginia121042882
American Samoa121042882
North Mariana Islands121042882
Puerto Rico121042882
Virgin Islands121042882
American Forces Abroad121042882

How Routing Numbers Work and Their Importance

Routing numbers are essential components of the overall system of banks. To understand better how those numbers work, let’s explore how they originated, how they have derived, and how important they are.

Importance of Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Wells Fargo Routing Number is the necessary code used when transacting balance transfers. If you need to send money, you require the branch details, usually recognizable by the routing transit numbers. Using the correct number before you start a money transfer process is vital.

You also need to verify the Wells Fargo routing numbers before you start any other transaction. You must even know the state name and the account type to get your Wells Fargo number. It is essential to have the right number for the transactions you need to do because your checks differ from the number you would use for wire transfers. 

The routing numbers are also important for the IRAs, prepaid cards, and savings accounts. You can use them to recognize the financial institutions when doing other transfers like cheque processing, paying bills, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposits. The American Bankers Association (ABA) usually manages the official routing number registrar. 

In case you’re interested in the general Discover Bank routing number direct deposit, wire transfers, and other types of transactions, it’s 031100649.


How can I make payments online?

You need to create an account then you must have an online profile with Wells Fargo. After doing so, the system automatically adds your credit card to your profile.

What is Wells Fargo Online?

It is a banking system that is done on the internet. It provides security as you manage and do transactions on your Wells Fargo account.

How do I sign up for Wells Fargo Online?

Visit the Wells Fargo Online web page and then click on Sign up. Create a Username and a password, fill out the information needed for your profile.


Wells Fargo Routing number is an essential number that helps facilitate savings, receiving an incoming wire transfer, and sending an outgoing transfer. If you’re sending an international wire transfer, you’ll also need a Swift code for international transfers. 

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