aka.ms/remoteconnect account settings – Official Login 2021

Aka.ms/remoteconnect is a web portal that helps users to play Minecraft smoothly. Microsoft players need to connect their game with this website for hassle-free play on various game consoles X-box One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms. In this post, you will get to know how you can connect Minecraft online games with these devices.


Many people face an error message while connecting Minecraft or playing the game. However, this guide will help you to fix and reconnect your game with your device. 

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Fix Minecraft Error through aka.ms/remoteconnect

Minecraft game has moved to the Microsoft platform recently. To play this game on other consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, users connect it. Here are the instructions on how to connect a Microsoft account to play Minecraft even with your friends. 

X Box One: 

  • For X-Box One cross-play, the users have to go to the web page https://aka.ms/xboxsetup. You will be landed on the Xbox setup page. Now, login to your Xbox with your Microsft details. 
  • Once it is done, codes will be generated. Now, from another device, open the link https://aka.ms/remoteconnect/ and enter the code. 
  • Your Xbox will be connected to your Microsft account, and you can play Minecraft PS4 easily. 


  • In the case of PS4, open the setting of the console. Again, like XBOX, log in with your Microsoft details. 
  • The codes to connect PS4 with Microsft will be generated. Enter the code on the link HTTPS, aka ms site, and connect the accounts. 

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What is “aka.ms/remoteconnect”?

You will often see such messages while connecting Minecraft to other gaming consoles like PS4. If you are confused about it, then here I am. Aka.ms/remoteconnect helps you connect your Microsoft accounts with other gaming devices to play Minecraft properly. This is among Minecraft’s errors that could experience due to corrupt game data or setting up a new device.

Minecraft Remote Connect

If you are trying to connect your Minecraft game to a non-Microsoft device, chances are you are already exhausted. That might be because you have been trying the wrong methods all this while now. Microsoft has this amazing tool called Remote Connect, which automatically makes your life a lot easier and the game more enjoyable for you.

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  • All you need to do is sign in to your Microsoft Account. If you are trying to play Minecraft on an essentially non-Microsoft device, you would have to create a Microsoft account at the aka.ms.remote connect.
  • This allows you to play against a larger pool of people, including using a Microsoft device setup.
  •  You can definitely enjoy a much better overall Minecraft gameplay by choosing to switch to a Microsoft device setup because that allows you to interact and compete against players using a wider range of device setups and even cross-play engine features on the likes of Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS or Android, PS4, or even Xbox 360. 

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Many players face an error message while connecting Minecraft or playing the game. However, this guide will give you instructions on fixing and reconnecting your game with your device. 

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Minecraft Error Connecting

As mentioned, a lot of Minecraft players can face errors connecting the game. Corrupt game data, lesser game storage, sign-in error, error code, inability to save game files, and so on are some of the issues users experience with Minecraft.  

One of the most common issues in Minecraft is unable to save files. This happens due to smaller storage. If other remote connect errors appear like error codes, users need to check their non-Microsoft consoles for the correct codes. 

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How to change my aka Microsoft remote connect settings?

You can log in to https://aka.ms/accountsettings and click on the appropriate options to find the settings button. Click on that and update whichever function you need. You can also tweak further details regarding your account.

How to troubleshoot https://aka.ms/remoteconnect when not working?

If you are facing some issues with logging in to your Microsoft account or can’t connect to the Remote Connect feature, then it is better to check out the issue by going to the main website and see what are the options for troubleshooting or reconnecting with your Microsoft Account.

Is it safe to run the aka remote Microsoft settings on your PC?

Yes, it is completely safe to run your Remote Connection network and connect to the host PC. You can also add another layer of security by enabling the NLA settings for the networks and the connected devices.


The most proficient tool to quickly reach for a file or run Minecraft on another device is through connecting it to the Remote Connect application on both devices; its features are simple but utterly useful. This way, you can troubleshoot any problem, with only one step in between: log in to your Microsoft account and start using the Remote Desktop Connection application and enjoy playing Minecraft. You may also change the safety and privacy settings. 

This really opens up many more opportunities for Minecraft players to compete against a larger pool of players or friends without letting device restrictions and compatibility factors get in the way. Ultimately, it increases console Minecraft users’ satisfaction and makes sure they experience the best Minecraft worlds gameplay without a glitch all the time.

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