Att.Net/Yahoo – How To Log In To Yahoo With AT&T Account

Yahoo Email is one of the most widely used emailing applications worldwide. However, Yahoo Com email has set out to unmerge itself from ATT NET. There were adverse reports or feedback about Att.Net/Yahoo unmerge from some users, but the process was done seamlessly. 


This unmerging only means that now you will no longer be able to use the same login credentials (the email id and password) for accessing your inbox. Now, when you go to your Yahoo mail login page, you use a separate credential from the one you used for AT&T.  

Suppose you are wondering about the status of your Yahoo and AT&T accounts. In that case, MoneyBrighter has here details to check the merge and perform the unmerging. 

How to Check if Your Att.Net/Yahoo Is Merged?

AT&T and Yahoo used to be package accounts, but the unmerging has changed everything. You can check if you have a merged account by checking all these points:

  1. You can easily access your email account by using either of the email credentials of Yahoo or the AT&T id. 
  2. There is easy sign in, and the login id is the same button. 
  3. You can do the same for your AT&T account, too, without actually using your AT&T id and password. 
  4. Your inbox in both the email accounts receive the same emails, and they are all directed at a single email address. 
  5. Suppose you are trying to reset your password. In that case, it automatically resets your password for both of your email id accounts at Yahoo and also for the AT&T account. 
  6. In an attempt to rest your password, you automatically get directed to the email account login of your AT&T account. 

What Does This Mean to You?

From mid-November 2017, users need users to use their AT&T email address when signing in to myAT&T instead of a Yahoo email address.

  1. To access your AT&T account, you must go to the login page and sign in with your AT&T email id and password. 
  2. Even though previously all of your email id accounts were linked before, but now you have to make sure that credentials are different. Otherwise, your funds will not be accessible to you. 
  3. It will now be individual accounts, as it will be clearly separated because of the unmerge. 

You would not have to change any of your previously set passwords unless you don’t want to. All of your pre-saved credentials will remain the same, but you have to log in separately. 

Here are some applications where you will need your email to activate:, or HBO Now/tv Code.


How do I Unmerge my yahoo mail from AT&T?

Go to the User Information. Select Delete Account, which you will find to the right of your Member ID. When the Delete Email confirmation message shows, click OK. 

What happens to my Yahoo account when I unmerge from SBCGlobal or AT&T?

Your AT&T ([email protected]) account is likely merged with your free Yahoo account. You may continue using your Yahoo account by unmerge doing the following to unmerge: 
– Your Yahoo account reverts to a free version. As such, you lose access to AT&T Powered by Yahoo! premium services. Still, you can purchase these premium services separately.
– Any data you have will not be lost. Your Yahoo account will retain all your settings and personal information from your merged AT&T account ([email protected]) and Yahoo! account.
– Yahoo will help you if you lose your password. Remember your Security Question, alternate email, date of birth, and zip code. All these will help you reset your password. If you are using Internet Explorer 10 and above, try to update your browser to a newer version in order to continue using all community features.


You need not worry when you unmerge your accounts. All your details will still be available to you and safely recovered when you login into your Yahoo email ID or digital media email. If you continue to have problems, don’t hesitate to send reports or feedback to Yahoo or to have online consultations with their customer service.

Also, update your browser to a newer version in order to continue using all community features.

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